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This is an open acoustic Jam mostly devoted to playing and singing songs that have made the repertoire list of the Grateful Dead and spinoff bands, which if you know repertoire well includes many other artists and bands. Vocalists very welcome and needed even if you do not play an instrument! What's the biggest difference between the Dead concerts we went to back when Jerry was alive and Dead and Co. concerts today? Yeah, we've some great young scholars taking up the music in John, Oteil and Jeff. Sure, Mickey has added a whole new dimension to the sound experience of the drum solo. Yes, Bob has settled into a mature and more polished vocal style in keeping with his age. But the biggest difference I see is in the audience and their part in the event that has never been like any other concert by any other band. The event participants that bought tickets to be there have always connected to the band, there have always been those who dance, cheer, smile and groove along with music and in years past might add their voice to the catchiest of vocal tag lines. There, however, is the difference I allude to - we have listened to these songs for 50+ years and they are a part of us and not only do we sing the catch lines, we sing along with the verses, bridges and refrains as heartily as we sang hymns and songs in church. So point made singers make the event.

Percussion players - I have a Cajon with a foot tambourine to keep a beat. Add to that your egg shakers, washboard, djembe,etc. This is not an amplified jam so this is limited to exclude traditional drum kits.

Bass Players: upright basses welcome and considered very cool! If you play electric bass you of course get a pass from staying acoustic so please be sure to bring a practice amp.

Any other acoustic instruments, violin, fiddle, cello, mandolin, dulcimer, Dobro, flute, etc are all welcome.

About the organizer: I am a rhythm guitarist and tenor vocalist and long time song leader who was influenced by the Dead in my youth and now spend plenty of time playing and singing many of these great tunes for the pure pleasure, happiness and inspiration they bring to this world and I am looking to gather with other musicians on the North of Boston as well as create a space for those who just love the music and songs and want to hang out and sing along with whatever musicians are Playing in the Band. The Music doesn't have to Stop because Dead and Co. is packed and gone for this year. Cheers,

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