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**Please note there will be no meetups in restaurants or pubs until May 17th 2021 at the earliest as this the date set for venues to re-open. There is virtual playtesting happening weekly at the moment.**

We are a friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters set up in London in 2009. We meet to play games and each other's design prototypes.

Everyone is welcome to join us and bring along their own designs or settle down to play and give their opinion. Ever designed a game and wanted to see how it plays? Enjoy playing games and being creative? Do you know what makes a game fun? Don't leave your game ideas sitting on the shelf gathering dust; show them off at the next Playtest meetup and get feedback direct from the players. We look forward to welcoming you at the next meetup!

We have regular playtesting meetups across the country in London, Cambridge, Newcastle, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Enfield, Bath, Norwich, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Cornwall, Oxford, Dundee, Oxford, Southampton and SE London.

We host public playtesting at UK Games Expo, Dragonmeet, Essen, London Toy Fair and a few other events during the year. We also run game jams and designer/publisher speed dating events throughout the year.

Please see our listings for details of dates and times. There is a monthly group newsletter.

Upcoming events (4+)

Brighton Game Playtest Group

Needs a location

This group is recommended to all those who are interested in game design in general and board games in particular. Both playtesters and games designers are welcome to meet and play new unpublished games and share ideas! Playtesting is the most important phase in game invention, so you will be part of a very interesting, but still fun and involving experience.

We meet from 5.30 pm toward. Please come and bring your prototype(s) and we will be keen to test it, or just pop by for a chat or to play some still unreleased games. Everyone is welcome!

Plymouth Playtest Meetup

Needs a location

JOIN US for our new regular playtest event for unreleased boardgames...

Perhaps you have boardgame prototype, are a budding game designer, or would simply be up for playing some new unpublished games or sharing ideas and feedback? Well, this is the event for you!!

Never playtested a prototype game before? Don't worry - this will be a small and friendly event for all those interested in game design and boardgames.

Playtesting is the most important phase in game development and by taking part you will get a real behind-the-scenes taste of what goes into designing games for others to play. It's also a nice opportunity to meet others who are interested in or working on new projects.

Please come and bring your prototype(s) and we will be keen to test it, or just pop by to hello and to play some games. Everyone is welcome!


The Meetup runs once every four weeks, at the same venue as the regular weekly Monday Night Gaming at the Neutral Ground Gaming Club.



As the main group meets weekly if you want to have some additional playtesting on another Monday feel free to leave a message on here, or the main group page.

There is a £1 cover charge which allows the group to run events and purchase games for a board game library.

Birmingham Playtest meetup

Needs a location

Welcome to the Birmingham Playtest UK meetup, hosted at Chance & Counters in Birmingham city centre (or near enough!).
We have a growing number of board game designers in the Birmingham area who need playtesters for their games. This event is for those designers to get together, along with playtesters, and gather feedback on their latest designs.

Who is this event for?
We welcome anyone to this event: If you're a game designer, bring your designs. If you're an experienced playtester, we really need your help to make our games even better. If you're not an experienced playtester, we welcome you to join us and learn how games are made. If you've never played a board game before, we have games that are easy to learn!

What will happen at the event?
Board game designers will bring along prototype games at various stages of development, from handwritten cards to games that look ready to buy. You'll be able to choose from a number of games to playtest. Usually, the designer will explain the game rather than ask you to read the rules but this depends on what stage the game is at. You'll either play the full game or a few rounds depending on what feedback the designer needs. You'll then be asked what you thought of the game in a short debrief session. The designer will then probably thank you for playing!

When is this event?
This meetup happens on the second Wednesday and last Tuesday of every month

Where is this happening?
Chance & Counters
Courtyard Studio 8, Scott House, Custard Factory, Birmingham B9 4AA

Is there an entry fee?
The event is free for designers. Playtesters get a £50% discount on the normal entry fee of £5 and as long as you play one of our games your discount will be applied and can stay for the rest of the night any play published games from the library (as long as there's space, but there should be!).

What restrictions do you have in place for Covid?
Masks: Optional
Lateral Flow Test: Highly recommended
Covid Pass (either through vaccination or through LFT): mandatory to engage with the Playtest UK group (show Simon upon arrival)
The above are restrictions to engage with our group, which are in addition to Chance & Counters measures.
For more info on how Chance & Counters are managing the risks of Covid, see here: https://www.chanceandcounters.com/2020/07/covid-19-and-chance-counters/

Anything else I need to know?
Chance & Counters asks that people don't bring their own food to the site but they serve food on site.
Chance & Counters is less than a 10 minute walk from New Street Station, and has street parking around the area which is free after 6 pm (but always check this yourself!)

Who organises this event?
I'm Simon Milburn and I'm the event host! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions on Meetup, or if you want a faster response, Facebook, or Twitter (@Simon_Milburn). I've been working full time in the board game industry for 3 years now and I run Dranda Games with Ayden Lowther.

Playtest UK Brighton

Needs a location

Playtest board games. Bring a prototype and we will be able to test it. Or come by just to meet people interested on game design and test new ideas ... :-)

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Edinburgh Playtest Group

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