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The February Meetup will be on Sunday 16th February from 1pm to 8pm.

If you've designed a game, bring it along and give it a play or just enjoy playing other people's prototypes in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

If you would like to bring along a new design, contact Rob Harris (Organiser) and we will add your game to the list.

Deadline for pre-registering games is 11:59pm on Friday 14th February. Be sure to include the name of the game, a brief description of the gameplay, the expected duration and the amount of players.

[name] [description] [duration] [amount of players]

If you bring more than one design, add a preference for which one you would like to show first. Please feel free to still bring extra prototypes on the day. They will be added to later playtesting rounds.

(Please note that as a condition of our use of the Jugged Hare, only food and drink bought at the pub can be consumed on the premises.)

You can follow the group's blog at

We also have a guild page on BGG:

Games to be playtested (TBC):

Kings an Cities - set-collecting card game set in ancient Mesopotamia, 30 mins, 4-6 players (Lawrence Davies)

Rainbow Skyscrapers - new dexterity / hand management game, 30-40 mins, 2-3-5-6 players (Mo Holkar)

UFO Panic - flying saucers attacking our planet, 60 mins, 1-6 players (Phil Richardson)

Drafting a Civilization - a card drafting worker placement microcivilization game, 40-100 mins, 2-4-5 players (David Mortimer)

Abandoned Kingdom - worker placement resource management microgame, 60 mins, 2-4 players (David Mortimer)

In a Bind (team version) - Party game of physical/verbal contortion, 10-20min, 6+ players (Behrooz Shahriari)

A Game of Stones: Treasures of the Dwarf King - Worker-placement, involving dwarves, beer and rock, 90 mins, 3-4 players (Chris Keating)

Life's What U Make It - game about the choices and decisions young people face on Winstanely Estate, 45 mins, 2-4 players (Osmond)

Monumentum - a card and board game where players control powerful summoners, 60 mins, 2 players x 2? (Harvey Patchett-Joyce)

Art Dealer - buying/selling fine art painting to make the most profit (action selection/set collection game),90mins, 2-4 players (Andrew Bond)

Hold the Front Page - adding stories to the pages of a newspaper (worker placement with overbidding/set collection game), 90 mins, 2-6 players (Andrew Bond)

Brent Crude - producing and refining oil to selling at the forecourt as diesel, petrol, or liquid petroleum gas fine (action selection/pick-up-and-deliver game), 90 mins, 2-4 players (Andrew Bond)

Yellow Jersey - Cycling, 45 mins, 4 players (Gavin Birnbaum)

Snapps - Dexterity, 10 mins, 2 or more players (Gavin Birnbaum)

Hole of DOOM! Spinning Tops, 4 players, 20 mins (S.M.Birnbaum)

Smart Life 2 in 1 - Game about Real Modern Life income generation and expenses management, 90 mins, 2-4-6-8 players (Serge)

Castle Coop - family cooperative game - players are trying to recover stolen relics from a mysterious mastermind, 60-90 mins, 2-4 players (Matt Dunstan & Brett Gilbert).

Atlantis - light strategy and deduction game - players captain a submarine and compete with other players to uncover the ruins and treasures of the lost city of Atlantis, 60-90 mins, 2-4 players (Matt Dunstan)

Villages - medium strategy game - players seek to build up and explore their own territory to make it the best in the land, 60-90 mins, 2-4 players (Matt Dunstan & Brett Gilbert)

Five Wickets Down - cricket deckbuilding game, 2-4 players, 60 mins (Chris Taylor-Davies)

Untitled Prototype - abstract strategy game, 15-20 mins, 2 players (Gokce Balkan)

Grand Tour - light family strategy route-building game about exploring the world on a cultural expedition, 60mins, 2-4 players (Brett Gilbert)

Hexis - tile building abstract, also in the light family category, 40 mins, 2-4 players (Brett Gilbert)

Angkor Thom - city-building light strategy. 60 mins. 3-5 players (Brett Gilbert)

Ewe.F.O - a light worker-placement game crewing a flying saucer abducting sheep, 30-60 mins, 2-4 players (Dave Cousins)

Terrain - light/family tile placement game with new strategy/scoring, 20-50 mins, 2-5 players (Dave Cousins)

T'Rain - set collection, track/train/resource management game, light rules, 90 mins, , 2-4 players (Dave Cousins)

Lugu - story telling card game, tbc, 4-5 players (Ben Miles)

To The Letter - word card game, tbc, 3-6 players (Ben Miles)

Team RoboRally - team version of the game where you order your robot across a board to go capture a flag, 50-100 mins, 6 players (3 vs. 3) (Robert)

Psychic Snakes And Ladders - It uses skill, with NO dice-rolls, 20 - 40 mins, 2-3-4 players (Robert)

Monster Mash - hand management microgame, 10-15 mins, 2-4 players (Mo Holkar)

Scattered Fleet - ultralite space tactics and exploration, 90 mins, 2-5 players (Andrew Rowse)

Cursed Temple - queue manipulation and hidden agendas, 50 minutes, 2-5 players (Andrew Rowse)