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London Playtest weekend meetup

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The September Meetup will be on Sunday 21st September from 1pm to 8pm.

If you've designed a game, bring it along and give it a play or just enjoy playing other people's prototypes in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

If you would like to bring along a new design, contact Rob Harris (Organiser) and we will add your game to the list.

Deadline for pre-registering games is 11:59pm on Friday 19th September. Be sure to include the name of the game, a brief description of the gameplay, the expected duration and the amount of players.

[name] [description] [duration] [amount of players]

If you bring more than one design, add a preference for which one you would like to show first. Please feel free to still bring extra prototypes on the day. They will be added to later playtesting rounds.

(Please note that as a condition of our use of the Jugged Hare, only food and drink bought at the pub can be consumed on the premises.)

You can follow the group's blog at

We also have a guild page on BGG:

Games to be playtested (TBC):

Consensus (working title) - card game based on memory and deception, 90 mins, 3-6 players (Ed Avern)

Warp Factory Again - worker placement, 90 mins, 4 players (Dávid Turczi)

Wheel of Joy - go with special powers for area control, 90 mins, 4 players (David Dawkins)

The Con - timed decision-making cooperative game, 4 players (Ben)

Breaking Space - 'kind of like Escape from Atlantis but not', 60-90 mins, 2-4 players (Tobias Moon)

Fuzzy Diner (WT) - Action point and victory point card game, 15min/player, 2-4 players (Albert Ma)

Ragnarok - Tactical mythological wargame, 90 mins, 2,4,6 or 8 players (Albert Ma)

The Katfight (WT) - Chess-based game with a meerkat theme, 30min, 2 players (Albert Ma)

Atlantis - Family strategy/deduction, 60 mins, 2-5 players (Brett Gilbert & Matt Dunstan)

Angkor Thom - Family strategy, 60 mins, 3-5 players (Brett Gilbert)

Flock - a light worker displacement game, 30 mins, 2,3,4,5 players (Dave Mortimer)

Twilight Squabble - 10 mins, 2(x2) players again to fill in the rest of my slot (Dave Mortimer)

3D Match & Learn - a byproduct my memory game app focusing on learning symbols in different languages, 2-8 mins, 1 person (Gokce Balkan)

Dexikon - a deck-building spelling game, 45-60 mins,2-5 players (Andrew Rowse)

Escape Pod - a queue manipulation game of selectively evacuating a doomed spaceship, 45 mins, 2-5 players (Andrew Rowse)

Goldmine - resource management, mining and good ol' shovel bashing, 90-120mins, 2-4 players (Simon Powell)

First Among Equals - Semi-co-operative trading/dice game, 30 mins, 3-6 players (Dave Cousins)

Ewe.F.O. - Alien sheep abduction and squabbling, 45 mins 3-4 players (Dave Cousins)

Gem Fantasy Magical Super - turn points into gems into money - 50 mins, 3-5 players (Behrooz Shahriari)

In A Bind - Physical party game - 15 mins, 3+ players (Behrooz Shahriari)

Road to Angkor - deck builder with elements of worker placement and a 3d tower, 90 mins, 4 player (Dean)

The Unnamed Pirate Ship Game - Light family pirate-based game where you seek to control the winds to get your ship to shore, 30 mins, 4 players (Dean)

Devil's Dice -an almost dexterity based dice rolling/set collection game, 30 mins, 4 players (Dean)

Lockpick - time management/dice rolling/set collection - [duration?], 2-4 players (Alex Mulhall) Project Football - card-driven football simulator, 120 mins, 2 players (Zbigniew Oelke)