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In this meetup group, we will get together and plog, which is picking up litter while jogging in groups (a popular pastime in Sweden), or exercise shelter dogs. Meetups for each activity will be scheduled at least once per month. Any other ideas of community service that can be paired with walking/jogging/running are welcome! You will be providing community service at no monetary cost! Just give some time and love. :) Optional social activity will follow each meeting, like lunch, coffee, etc.

Plogging and dogging is about bringing people together, providing a service to our communites here in the DMV, and, as a bonus, having fun, getting fit, and making friends!
This is an all-inclusive group. If you want to get a little exercise while making the city or an animal shine a little brighter, this group is for you. People of all ages and abilities welcome. You can walk, jog, run, or wheel.

Activities will be primarily in D.C., but if interest grows, I will try to schedule some meetings in Maryland or Virginia suburbs on a regular basis.

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