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A group for AcroYogis looking to jam or anybody else wondering what AcroYoga is and looking to give it a try. If you're not familiar with AcroYoga, here is some inspiration:

I moved up to the Plymouth area from Boston where there is a thriving Acro community and couldn't find much of a scene up here so I'm looking to get something started. We will be looking to do outdoor jams in the summer when it's warm enough and trying to find indoor studios where we can practice for the winter. If we're lucky we may even be able to find a teacher or two.

AcroYoga is a mixture of Yoga with partner acrobatics similar to what you would see at a Cirque du Soleil performance. One person, the base, supports another person, the flyer, up in the air while the flyer engages in various poses or transitions between poses. When trying out new poses or transitions there will usually be one or more spotters standing by to help catch any falls.

Rather than organized practices as are common with most types of Yoga, Acro tends to take place in large informal groups called Jams where smaller groups of bases, flyers, and spotters each practice at their own skill level and help each other learn new poses and transitions.

Common misconceptions about Acro are that bases have to be incredibly strong, flyers have to be incredibly light, and that it's exclusively for couples. While there's certainly nothing wrong with having a regular partnership with a strong base and a light flyer, most jams involve more of a dynamic community atmosphere where someone looking to learn a new pose or transition will partner up with someone who has experience in basing or flying it. Acro is more about using the skeletal system to support the flyers weight rather than using raw muscle power so it's also not uncommon for a flyer to be heavier than their base.

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