IGUK BG Incubator


IGUK BG Incubator - Last Friday and alternating Saturday of Every Month Meet-up

In each session we will organise talks, demos and presentations on game development related topics, each meet-up will prepare you will skills and knowledge to develop your ideas!

The general theme and structure will be around support and ideas generation, with an aspect of show and tell. We will usually end with a game of something with mechanics we want to better understand and apply to working concepts.

Feel free to bring food, drink, games or anything you need. We will have a selection of materials, pens, paper, card and game components. We'll even provide light snacks and drinks!

--- Meetup Principles ---

All that attend agree to:
1) Our ethos is on collaboration and support of each other based on their own knowledge and experience.
2) Idea sensitivity and ownership. Your ideas are your ideas, everyone attending will treat each session with a little commercial sensitivity as desired by the creator of each project.
3) Fun, creativity and inclusion. That's what this is all about. Just enjoy and please feel free to make suggestions on the kind of talks and sessions you want to have.

-- Group Description -
Creativity and support, we are a like minded group of people from a range of industries. We aim to encourage the creation of board game ideas, supporting one another through our own experiences of the stages involved. People in this group have a experience from play testing, game creation, successful crowdfunded campaigns, design and creative writing. We meet once a month and welcome people to get in touch and schedule talks, demos or the presentation of ideas.

We are always happy to offer our knowledge and feedback to encourage creative, imaginative ideas!

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