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I'm looking to pull together a group of people who would like to practice Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang, Chi Kung or other internal practices. I'm a long-time practitioner and have a few years experience teaching, but I'm not looking to charge any money. I'd much rather just find a group of like-minded people who'd like to explore the arts, get some introduction to them, or just train together.

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Tai Chi / Chi Kung Introduction Meeting

Open Space Studio

I'm a long-time practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang and Chi Kung. I've been unable to find a good practice group in the area since I moved here a few years ago and I'd like to find a group of practitioners, new and experienced alike with whom to train. There's no set structure to the meet-ups as of yet, but we can do forms practice, fundamental coaching, circle walking, standing practice, and push hands. This is a free gathering, hopefully ongoing on a regular basis. First steps are just trying to find interested participants. Participants will have to sign a liability waiver.