• Audio dramas and fiction podcasts: the next big thing?

    Are you a writer or storyteller? Creating an audio drama or fiction podcast might be a great way to build your audience. You might even get discovered by a major publisher or Hollywood. Audio drama podcasts aren’t like audio books: they usually have a full cast and sound design to make the experience immersive. They’re also often not like old-timey radio plays: they’re often a bit more elegant, a bit more serious, and much less hammy (unless being hammy is the podcast’s goal). (Source: https://discoverpods.com/audio-drama-podcasts-fiction) Audio drama podcasts don't have to be fiction - there are lots of popular scripted true-crime shows, for example. Last January 19 and 20, PodCon 2 (a podcasting conference held in Seattle) brought together audio drama podcasters and hundreds of their rabid fans from all over the world. Think about that - audio drama fans traveled to Seattle to meet the audio drama creators and actors from their favorite shows. I was there. These shows are important to the fans. At the March Meetup, we'll take a look at all kinds of scripted podcasts, how they are put together, and why they're so popular. See you there! Agenda: 6:30 Networking 7:00 Introductions 7:10 Presentation Once again, free pizza - courtesy of Improving.

  • Podcasting Q&A


    Bring us your podcasting questions! We'll answer your questions about podcasting: how to record your show, how to edit the show, how to find show guests, how to set up your podcast RSS feed - you name it! We know a lot of you get stumped on certain details when you try to launch your show or even after you launch. We've been podcasting a long time and, even though we haven't seen it all, we've seen a lot. Bring your laptop and podcast equipment if you need to. Let's get you moving forward! Dan Franks, one of the founders and organizers of Podcast Movement will also be there to help you with your podcast questions. We'll start early this time - at 6:30 pm. But don't worry if you're running late. We'll be hanging around for a while - so, no need to rush. As always, Improving will be providing free pizza and drinks. See you there!

  • December Meetup - Podcast networks


    It's our last Meetup of the year and it's a doozy! Dan Franks, co-founder and co-organizer of Podcast Movement, is going to talk about podcast networks. I know a lot of you are interested in this. Joining a podcast network can really help you build your audience and there's a lot going on in the podcast network space right now. So, if you're interested in learning more about podcast networks - this is your chance! We'll start networking at 6:30 pm. The Meetup officially kicks off at 7:00 and the presentation will begin shortly after. Once again, free pizza, courtesy of Improving. See you there!

  • Legal Issues in Podcasting


    Media and entertainment law attorney Tamera Bennett will provide an overview on legal issues facing podcasters including content ownership, music rights, fair use, talent releases, and rights of privacy. Tamera Bennett has co-hosted over 100 episodes of the Entertainment Law Update podcast in the last nine years. It’s the podcast by lawyers for lawyers bringing you the latest news on entertainment, trademark and copyright law. Each podcast averages 1200 downloads with an international audience listening in the US, Canada, Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Guam. Tamera is an attorney practicing trademark, copyright, and entertainment law in Texas and Tennessee. In the Summer of 2015, Tamera backpacked 100 miles over 10 days with her son's Boy Scout Troop. Tamera walked her first half-marathon in 2012 and the Cowtown Half Marathon in 2016, 2017 & 2018. Twitter @tamerabennett We'll start networking at 6:30 and begin the program at 7pm. Be aware that the front door will be locked, but we'll have someone watching it until 7. Once again, Improving is providing free pizza! See you there! Mitch

  • Mitch answers your podcast questions


    Bring your podcasting questions to our October Meetup. Whether you're a newbie, wanna-be, or experienced podcaster, you probably have questions. And we've got answers. Maybe you want to know how to start a podcast. Or grow your audience. Or make your show better. We're here to help. This just might be the Meetup that gets you unstuck or helps you reach the next level. See you next Tuesday, at Improving, on October 2nd. Don't forget: free pizza courtesy of Improving. Networking begins at 6:30. The Meetup officially kicks off at 7:00

  • Monetize with Merch


    Looking for a way to make money with your show without spending any money? There is a way: merch. Short for "merchandise". Lots of podcasters use merch as a way to monetize their shows. Some even use merch so they can podcast full time. Realistically, most podcasters won't sell enough merch to do it full time, but they can make some extra money selling show-related merch. Find out how they do it. Without spending money. Agenda: 6:30 pm Networking 7:00 pm Introductions and announcements 7:05 pm Presentation Don't forget - free pizza courtesy of Improving. See you there!

  • How to make money selling physical products

    There are many ways to monetize your podcast—you can run ads, find coaching clients, create a membership site—all kinds of ways. But if you want to go for the big bucks and maybe even do this full time, you ought to consider selling physical products. You can find products you can sell on your existing podcast. Or you can find products to sell first and then create a podcast to market those products. Steve Kuntz has recently left the Corporate World after 28 years in the Information Technology Industry and entered the entrepreneur space. He has been building his Amazon business over the last 5 years and is ready to make that his full-time job! Steve was in the Information Technology Industry for over 25 years working for several Texas-based companies including Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Neiman Marcus, and Zales Corporation. Steve is currently the Organizer of the Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO/SEM Meetup Group which was formed in 2008. They hold monthly meetings and cover a wide range of topics from SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, Web 2.0, and other current technologies. The group currently has over 1,800 members. Steve is a frequent speaker at local Meetups and conferences in the DFW area on Social Media, SEO, and other topics. Steve received his degree in Computer Information Systems from Mayville State University and currently resides in Coppell, TX. Agenda: 6:30 Networking and pizza 7:00 Introductions 7:05 Presentation Free pizza courtesy of Improving! See you there!

  • Podcast Positioning


    Podcast Positioning The 3-Step Process for Constructing a Unique Podcast That Will Attract (and Retain) Your Ideal Audience Get this: there are more than 525,000 active shows on Apple Podcasts, with more than 18.5 million episodes available. So if you're questioning whether your podcast has a chance to get noticed and find listeners ... you're not crazy, and you're certainly not alone. But this is not cause for despair. In fact, all this noise actually presents an opportunity IF you know how to clearly communicate your U.S.P. -- i.e. your Unique Show Positioning. The smart, strategic positioning of your show is what will allow you to cut through the noise and build an audience of connected listeners. In this presentation, Jerod Morris, host of The Showrunner, will describe the three-step process he and others have used to construct unique podcasts that succeed in crowded markets. Agenda: 6:30 PM Networking 7:00 PM Introductions 7:05 PM Presentation Once again, pizza and drinks are provided free, courtesy of Improving! See you there!

  • Podcast Workshop


    Something different this month. We’re going to work together to improve each other’s podcast. If you have a show and want to improve it, we’ve got you covered. If you want critiques and suggestions for improvement- we can do that. If you haven’t launched your show yet - bring your ideas and questions. We’ll figure out how to help you launch your show for more impact. This is for newbies and experienced podcasters. The focus is on you and your show this month. Let’s get after it! Agenda: 6:30 pm Networking 7:00 pm Announcements 7:05 pm Here we go! Once again, free pizza and drinks courtesy of Improving.

  • Cool Tools for Podcasters - April Meetup


    Are you a new podcaster or interested in learning about podcasting? Are you an experienced podcaster and want to produce a better show? This is the Meetup for you! We're going to review several tools and resources for podcasters - from basic podcast equipment to serious tools for anyone who wants to take their show "to the next level". Wondering what microphone to buy? Interested in an online course on the how-tos of podcasting? Looking for the piece of audio hardware to make your voice and show sound more "professional"? Do you need to find music for your podcast? Whether you've never podcasted before or you've been doing it since 2004, you're going to learn about podcasting resources that will help make you a better podcaster. You don't want to miss this!!! Agenda: 6:30 Networking and munching on free food and drinking free drinks 7:00 Introductions 7:05 The presentation begins As always, thanks to Improving for providing the location, food, and drinks. See you April 3rd!