Creative Writing Workshop

Poets and Dreamers: Professional & Creative Writers Network
Poets and Dreamers: Professional & Creative Writers Network
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Every week on Tuesday

Needs a location


About our Circle:

This small creative circle has been designed for writers of all genres. We like to encourage a supportive group of serious, committed writers who are willing to invest in themselves and in their work while creating success in their lives. For this reason, we are seeking regular attendees who contribute on an ongoing basis. During the meeting, we read our works aloud and share gracious insights. Our supportive circle and in-depth discussions inspire an inspiring exchange of creative writing ideas, and ultimately, the fruition of our dreams.

Our Process:

-We gather bi-weekly as a respectful, cohesive group to collaborate on our works.

-Bring ten printed copies of about a thousand (1,000) words of your chosen genre; this will allow a generous amount of time to in-depth exploration of each writer's work.

-Focusing on creative works, we limit critiques to broad-level concerns, i.e., character and plot development, structure, action, conflict, setting, tension, suspense and point of view. We do not exchange sentence-level critiques or line-edit for grammar and mechanics.

-A work-in-progress and commitment to attend are crucial.

-Our main goal: to work together wisely, positively and productively as we each follow our dreams as writers.

Our Status:

Let's follow our artistic integrity and remain true to ourselves:

Come and start here. Take the first step and never give up. Our sharing and feedback propel one another to continue on our paths. This group is about each of us fulfilling our dreams and helping one another along the way. We need each other in this field for support and encouragement.

This group welcomes serious, committed writers who are willing to interact positively and exchange critiques in a professional format. If you'd like to take part as a crucial contributor to this ongoing creative circle, please sign up then come out and join us!

Also, if you have suggestions for alternative meeting spots and/or questions, please message me and I will respond right away.

I look forward to working with you!


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