How To Win Arguments & Lose A Relationship - 8/5

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There are so many ways to screw up a relationship, and some of us are just naturally better at it than others. One of those ways is how you argue and resolve conflicts. The list below are things people do when arguing. Are any familiar? These are sure fire ways of making a point, though not the point you think you are making. We'll talk about situations where being right is wrong. In no particular order ...

* Prepare your response while they are making their point, it's much easier than listening to their boring point of view
* Interrupt whenever you feel the need so you don't forget
* Point out that if they argue with you, they don't care about how you feel
* It's better to be right than seen as a wimp
* Cry a lot ... it's disarming to them and gives you an upperhand
* Fight to win ... you don't want to look like you are wrong, do you?
* Saying "stupid" is a sure way to make your point and put an end to the senseless argument
* Keep saying "YOU ... " because if you accept responsibility you will not look good
* When arguing, always act confident that they will not leave you. Remind them that no one wants someone who is always wrong.
* Be sure to raise your voice louder than they do if you want to be heard
* Remind them how many times they have repeated themselves, so they know you are listening.

These are just a few. I'm sure we'll share lots of others. Then we can argue about it. LOL. Maybe we'll even learn how to "fight" fairly and more effectively for yourself and the relationship.
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Come join us for this week's discussion. As usual, we'll have some fun and some serious discussion. If you have any questions, or topics you'd like to discuss, bring them along. I'm looking forward to seeing you there.