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Pokemon Go Raids and Trades.

When I started Pokemon Go with my kiddo, we had no idea how to find people to do raids with, what we should do for community day, who to evolve or how CP, IV etc played into our raid team choices. We wasted dust, wasted countless candy and charged TM's not really knowing the value.

This group will provide a means of finding meeting schedules and locations related Pokemon Go activities in the Wake Forest area including Raiding, Trading, and General knowledge passed on between members.

It will also try to provide information to assist you in finding the active groups in the Wake Forest or greater Raleigh area that will help you on your pokemon journey.

Wake Forest Pokemon Go(I am not an admin)
Has two separate chats, try to get in both, or I will try to post when I know something is happening and I'll be glad to help show you the ropes or be a POC to navigate the who/what/where/when.

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