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Bootstrapping client side development

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Hello again,

Zapraszamy na spotkanie tym razem trochę bardziej frontendowe. Prelegentem będzie Prakash Dodeja z Oracle :-)

Bootstrapping client side development

Learn how to build a UI Development Pipeline to deliver Modern Web Applications. We will talk about how to avoid common pitfalls in the initial bootstrapping, design techniques for the UI layer so you can meet the growing needs of your customers, product and performance.
Technologies we will cover :
1.) CSS Pre-processors. We will look at why LESS is important to have in your pipeline and how to include it quickly.
2.) Javascript. Build a basic Namespaced JS Application. Design it to be modular so that including sophisticated frameworks like Backbone or Flight is easier.

Prakash Dodeja, Senior Director Engineering, Oracle
Started my career as a Software Engineer at Siebel Software. Worked in various teams before moving into a management role in the Siebel Core Engineering. After Siebel, started to explore the startup world at MobiTV. Managed the server infrastructure team to deliver mobile TV to approximately 4million subscribers. After MobiTV, I spent 5 years at a Social Media company - Friendster Inc as an Engineering Director and launched many highly scalable social products like Friendster Mobile, Friendster in 6 languages, API Platform for App Development and Instant Messenger. At the peak, Friendster Data Farm was servicing 600K concurrent users with 30million unique users per month. Friendster was acquired by MOL(Malaysian Company) in 2010, and thats when I came back to Enterprise Software with Saba Software leading the LMS development team. At Saba, I transformed the web stack to a modern, high-interactive and configurable User Experience. We launched REST services to support Mobile and Web clients.
I like to play ping-pong, volleyball and poker.

Bora-Komorowskiego 25 · Kraków