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Lets get together for coffee and fellowship and share our Spiritual Journeys
Come and enjoy your favorite beverage and help us discover how Nurturing fits into Unconditional Love.

Second Cup

8902 - 149 St. · Edmonton, AB

What we're about

This Meetup is for individuals who wish to look at themselves and, with the help of others, uncover some of the blocks to the Authentic Self. We are students of life. None of us claims to have all the answers but we have some Divine assistance. And, at times, we have some profound remembrances!

We are using material that Marlene Swetlishoff, The Rainbow Scribe (, received from Archangel Gabriel. With her permission, we published the posts in booklet format of 24 discourses each and now have six booklets, covering 144 qualities of Unconditional Love. The amazing thing is that AA Gabriel has arranged the discourses in groups of 12, with each group having a unique energy/feel to it, and these groupings form a Circle or Spiral of Life. They are like an Ascension Handbook, with each discourse helping polish another facet of our 144 faceted internal Diamond of Unconditional Love

We are using the discourses as a discussion guide. We would love to have you join us and share your energies.

Marlene is now re-posting the discourses and we are using the same post for our discussions.

For more details contact the Organizer.

Note: I regularly cull our membership of inactive members, as I wish to keep our Meetup fees at the small group rate.

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