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We are not pro or anti any individual political party or candidate. This group is about opening up dialogue for those with diverse political viewpoints. Group members political affiliation runs the political spectrum from left to right, but everyone shares a common desire to learn and grow through thoughtful communication. Browbeating from either side will not be tolerated. You don't have to change your mind, but you must be willing to listen. We hope that this meetup can help anyone who is having a hard time relating with political parties, friends and family in this current political climate. Fundamentally, we want to make America the best it can possibly be, and that requires everyone to work and communicate civilly together.

Do you feel politically homeless these days? Like you don’t have a place on the left or right per say? Are you just as tired of all the division that seems so prominent these days? We seem to be living in a moral panic and hysteria where rational thought seems to have slipped right out the window. I don’t even recognize the left wing anymore, I used to say I was “far left as possible” but honestly at that point I hadn’t really looked deep into politics, I just thought because I was gay that I only had one option. Seattle has become a lonely place for diversity of thought. I have had a whole new realization of what it is to be open minded. Are you open minded? Do you enjoy nuanced conversations? Are you sick and tired of the identity politics and moral authority that has become so prominent on the left(this is also seen on the right but this peaked in the 80s/90s and has been equalizing for some time now) I used to view conservatives as the “other” but I don’t anymore and in many ways as of late I have found more open mindedness and acceptance coming from that part of the spectrum. Do you want America to succeed? Personally I am on the boat so I’d really rather it not sink. It’s not perfect, nothing is, the human shadow will always express itself. Too many people get caught up in idealism without looking at reality and the nature of humans. Some navigate too much with their mind(logic) and others too much with their heart(emotion and empathy) and either of these when off balance is not helpful. I think a lot about the mature masculine and the mature feminine, and how similar the two are when in a state of maturity, unfortunately the immature forms of both seem to have taken center stage in the world lately. I miss good conversations with rational individuals that are well intended, if you do too than maybe this group is for you. I know this is a bit of a word dump but I wanted to get this out there because I do wonder if maybe I’m not alone in feeling this way. I love the intellectual dark web and many of the brilliant minds that contribute to it. I believe that expectation shapes reality so I try to expect and project good towards are countries leaders(yes even Trump). I don’t waste my time with hate and outward facing rage (outrage) because it does no good other than further the division. Let’s connect and keep it real.

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