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What to do about gun violence?
So I thought it would be great to look at the old vault of debates we had in the past and see if one can be brought back from the past. So lets have it. Real quick please review the location of the meetup since we will be changing it again. I'm going to look at a few spots today and change the location tonight (7/17). So please be aware. My question is not so political as it is just the question what do you do about gun violence in this country. Is the answer to have increased security? To impose greater restrictions on possession of guns or the contra argument to loosen the restrictions on gun ownership? Is there a way that the administration can appeal to congress to impose greater restrictions? If so how and should the congress act on the proposal?

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    Hey I'm Joe. Are you one of those people who loves watching politics and the news and can't seem to find a group of people that are just that into it? Well this meet up is it.

    My intention for this meet up is to focus on current events in the news and allow for conservative, independent and liberal view points on the issue.

    So here is the setup. We will try to meet twice a month to discuss a topic. A meeting on current events and than another that goes into more detail on a topic. That last one is in the format of a debate or discussion. Most of the topics will cover national and global politics. I will try to make the topic or question as non-partisan as I possible, giving the pros and cons on certain ideas proposed. I want to set up about 5 minutes giving the frame of the issue and than let everyone go into a lively discussion where I hope we can all hear everybody's point of view. There is no right or wrong answer so feel free to share your thoughts openly.

    There will be a meeting that happens once every 2 months that will be more of a social but jeez we are going to talk about politics for sure! Another outlet newly introduced by our friend will be twitter which now you can access to discuss and debate ideas and the impact of current events. There is a link below and the handle here in is I have just one rule in the group and that is even if you disagree with someone else's viewpoint that you remain respectful. So join up with some political junkies!

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