What we're about

This is a group for people who are interested in healthy debate; people who love a good conversation on a range of issues: politics, current affairs, ethics, philosophy, law, world issues, religion and more. Basically, all those topics that people often avoid in the pub!

The idea of this group is to share opinions, so listening and showing respect for others is essential. There is no need to have a high level of knowledge on any of the issues discussed, but it is envisaged that members will have some basic knowledge of the topics. The plan it to have evening meetings once a month, not necessarily on the same day of the week, and some meetings will be held in the King George V Public House in Brompton, near the Historic Dockyard, Chatham. However, the idea is that we don't frequent the same pub or other meeting place every time; it is hoped that some members will arrange meetings in their own vicinity. This way everyone will get to attend discussions in their own area and we will share the travelling!

Regarding topics, Carol will suggest these at each meeting, but members can also provide suggestions. We will have a majority decision on the chosen one for the next meet. This will give members a chance to do some research if they want to. This will be an informal discussion group around the pub table, not a group where guest presentations are arranged.

Members will be asked to pay a small fee each time, which will cover costs, including the Meet Up subscription and any room hire. The administrator (Carol!) will collect this money and the excess will be used to fund or subsidise occasional non-discussion fun events, like meals or drinks. It would also be a nice idea to donate some of the excess to a charity agreed by the majority of members.

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Politics and More in the Pub: April meeting!

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March meeting!

King George V Public House

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King George V Public House

November Meetup ! - topics to be decided on the night!

King George V Public House

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