Polkadot and the road to Web3

Polkadot - San Francisco
Polkadot - San Francisco
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What is web 3 and how do we get there? Join us for an evening where we discuss a resilient internet where people control their own data, identity and destiny. We will dive deep into the technologies that will help us get there faster.

Confirmed speakers:
- Peter Czaban, Executive Director of the Web3 Foundation
- Jutta Steiner, CEO of Parity Technologies
- Mike Goelzer, Senior Product Manger of Protocol Labs
- Patrick Nielsen, Co-Founder & CTO of Clovyr
- Fredrik Harryson, CTO of Parity Technologies
- Björn Wagner, CCO of Parity Technologies
- More speakers to be announced!

First, we’ll hear Peter Czaban, Web3 Foundation Executive Director, talk about how Polkadot, a network of blockchains, fits into the Web3 technology stack.

Next, we’ll hear from Jutta Steiner, CEO of Parity Technologies, on the current status of Polkadot’s development

Then we'll hear from Fredrik Harryson, CTO of Parity Technologies, on how Parity is powering the decentralised web.

Lastly, we'll hear from Björn Wagner, CCO of Parity Technologies, on why Substrate is after Bitcoin and Ethereum the third wave of blockchain technology abstraction.

We’ll have time for questions, discussion, and networking. Drinks and snacks will be served.

This event is free but we can only accommodate a limited amount of guests. **RSVP early!**


This event is organised by Web3 Foundation.

The Web3 Foundation was founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of Parity Technologies, to focus on the development, deployment and maintenance of “Web3”. Gavin coined and explained the term April 2014 (http://gavwood.com/dappsweb3.html).

The Web3 Foundation nurtures and stewards cutting-edge technologies and applications at all levels of the Web3 tech stack. Our focus is on the research, development, deployment, funding, and maintenance of Web3 technologies. Because of our experience building major components of the Web3 tech stack and their respective communities, we are uniquely positioned to assemble and align the diverse set of teams building the protocols that make up the Web3 tech stack.

Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/web3foundation and on Medium at https://medium.com/web3foundation

About Polkadot:
Resources: https://github.com/w3f/Web3-wiki/wiki/Polkadot
Lightpaper: https://polkadot.network/Polkadot-lightpaper.pdf
Whitepaper: https://polkadot.network/PolkaDotPaper.pdf
General discussion: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#polkadot-watercooler:matrix.org