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Welcome! If you're polyamorous, poly-friendly, or poly-curious, welcome to the list. Our hope is to provide a forum for an exchange of ideas, friendship, support and community among area polyamorists.

We have a variety of events and gatherings available - both adult only and family friendly. Please watch our event postings for details.

Please NOTE: this space is for event announcements and is one of our spaces that is specifically designed to be friendly, but a non-flirt zone. This is a space that needs to be safe for all our members! Thank you for your understanding. This space, as all PolyColumbus spaces/events is governed by the Board Adopted Code of Conduct. http://www.polycolumbus.org/…/…/Community.Conduct.Policy.pdf (http://www.polycolumbus.org/pccms/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Community.Conduct.Policy.pdf)

You should NOT send PMs to group members that are of a sexual nature or asking for dates/meet ups. Also, any PMs, that are soliciting the purchase of any item or the joining of another group-- are not allowed.

For full information, please visit our website http://www.polycolumbus.org

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Black Lives Matter/white accountability conversation: Microaggressions

We welcome all folks wishing to center Black lives/experiences and for white folks to take accountability for supporting Black lives for this facilitated conversation. Review our Code of Conduct (esp. p. 5-6) for explicit guidance on PC's policies on racism and other forms of oppression and what type of conduct is prohibited in all our groups. This group will be closely moderated. http://www.polycolumbus.org/pccms/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/PC-Principles-of-Conduct-Nov2019.pdf Ground rules (will be reviewed at the start of the meeting): We will use the Ground Rules below for our dialogue groups. Each session will be a facilitated discussion led by a member of the community committed to antiracist and anti hate work. Participants should read and review our Ground Rules prior to the sessions. Forward: "This group is intended to be a forum for discussion of ideas and for learning about differing viewpoints, not for debate. Everyone is asked to consider different perspectives, for the purpose of sensitivity, learning, and growth. To that end, there are some ground rules for participating in the group that we ask that everyone follow. Recognize: We recognize that we must strive to overcome historical and divisive biases, such as racism and sexism, in our society. Acknowledge: We acknowledge that we are all systematically taught misinformation about our own group(s) and about members of other groups. No Blame: We agree not to blame ourselves or others for the misinformation we have learned, but to accept responsibility for not repeating misinformation after we have learned otherwise. Respect: We agree to listen respectfully to each other without interruptions. Only one person speaks at a time. However, this does not mean we should ignore problematic statements. Call-ins and call-outs can be helpful responses when done with care and respect, with the goal of helping each other learn. We acknowledge that we may be at different stages of learning on the content and discussion topics. Individual Experience: We agree that no one should be required or expected to speak for their whole race or gender. We can't, even if we wanted to. Trust: Everyone has come to the table to learn, grow, and share. We will trust that people are doing the best they can; we all make mistakes and have bad days; when these occur, let's challenge and encourage each other to do better. We acknowledge once again that we may be at different stages of learning on the topic. Share the Air: Share responsibility for including all voices in the discussion. If you have a tendency to dominate discussions, take a step back and help the group invite others to speak. If you tend to stay quiet, challenge yourself to share ideas so others can learn from you. If you are exceedingly quiet, do expect that the facilitator will call on you in meetings to participate. Not Experts: The facilitators are not experts. They are here to help facilitate the process. They and everyone in the group are here to learn. We also recognize that everyone has an opinion. Opinions, however, are not the same as informed knowledge backed up by research. Depending on the topic and context, both are valid to share but it's important to know the difference. To engage in deep learning, we will want to lean more toward informed knowledge and gain practice reflecting and speaking thoughtfully on difficult topics. Ask for help: It's okay not to know. Keep in mind that we are all still learning and are bound to make mistakes when approaching a complex task or exploring new ideas. Be open to changing your mind, and make space for others to do so as well.

PolyColumbus monthly meeting: TOPIC

Online event

• Topic: Control, Boundaries & Agreements (online) • What we'll do Introductions/Ground rules Monthly meeting discussion topic Social time • Important to know Our Mission & Values: http://www.polycolumbus.org/mission-vision-core-values/ Community Conduct Policy: http://www.polycolumbus.org/pccms/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Community.Conduct.Policy.pdf This is a flirt-free event!

Post-Monthly Gathering Social (Clintonville Edition)

The Monthly Gathering provides some social time, but lots of people like to extend the conversations. Also, for folks who can't make the Monthly Gathering itself, the post-event social is another chance to catch up with their friends. We hold our post-Monthly Gathering social at Bob's Bar, 4961 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43214. That location is open until 2:30 a.m. on Monday evenings, and we usually have folks present until 11 p.m. or beyond. Bob's Bar does not serve food, although there is a pita restaurant next door and you can bring food into the bar. You may park in the Goodyear Auto Center parking lot next to Bob's Bar in the evenings.

Polyamory Meetup: focusing on your Solo or individual journey

Location visible to members

Laury is pretty passionate about spending quality time with partner(s) and feels this is an important topic to bring up. Money doesn’t have to be an issue in order to have a great date with someone! Come out and share ideas for dating when you are trying to watch your spending! Every other month on the 3rd Tuesday, Laury or Rachel will alternate facilitating. Laury's focus will be more on exploring and sharing an individualized polyamory journey no matter what that may be, while Rachel will have discussions specifically related to being Solo while Polyamorous. (*Solo generally means you don't have a primary or live with any partners.) This Meetup is inclusive of all relationship styles. As with any Polyamorous relationship, everyone practices a bit differently. Come for a chance to network, socialize and enjoy some healthy discussion! Look for one of us in the lobby first, in our purple Poly Columbus tshirt. We move into the community room at 7:30pm. After the discussion part of the meet up whomever wants to join will be headed to Gallo's at 5019 Olentangy River Road Columbus, OH.

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Gallo's Tap Room

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