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~Poly 101~

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What is Polyamory? What does it mean to be polyamorous? Do I have what it takes? Is it for me? What are some advantages? Disadvantages? Pitfalls, traps, and problems? Why should I bother? Is being poly nature or nurture? Can I learn to be poly? How should I approach the subject of STI’s? Dating? More? Am I just weird for feeling this way? What resources are there to learn more about this subject? Are there others like me out there?

If you are asking yourself these or similar questions then Poly 101 might be the right thing for you. This interactive session introduces you to the concept of Polyamory, offering possible definitions and likely answers to these and many other questions.

Join us on Saturday October 11th at 2 PM at the Columbus Insight Center for this informative, engaging class. Bring your list of questions and any answers you may have to share with others. While we may not be able to answer every question we will get you started on your journey to understanding.
While we do not charge for these classes we do ask for a small donation of $3-$4 per person for the Dana box to cover the cost of using the room.