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Polyamory is the theory and practice of maintaining an intimate relationship with more than one person simultaneously, with the fact of multiplicity openly disclosed to all involved parties. In other words, consensual non-monogamy. 'Poly' means 'many', 'amor' means 'love'. Relationship configurations may vary widely in form, from 'marriages' (not yet legal), to triads, diads, 'families' of lovers, partners who are 'primary' to each other and who have 'secondary' intimate relationships, relationships where one partner is polyamorous, and the other is not, etc.

Generally speaking, 'polyamory' is used to describe intimate relationships which are less 'casual' and more 'intimate' than in other consensual non-monogamist relationship paradigms such as 'swinging'. However, it is my opinion that the meanings of 'casual' and 'intimate' are highly subjective and personal, and therefor, open to interpretation.

We may each desire a new paradigm for friendship, family, home, sexual relationships, and community that better serves our human needs. Polyamory may be an answer for many of us. It offers the opportunity to co-create a new (yet ancient) social infrastructure for truly thriving as human beings amidst all the challenges of modern life. We may find it presents a more viable structure in which to create familial, social, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and economic stability throughout the course of our lives.


This support circle is a sacred space, co-created with other women as a safe, mutually supportive environment for sharing and discussing personal and global issues involved in our choice to explore or conduct polyamory, or be involved with those who are polyamorous.

It is moderated by a woman who began and facilitated many years ago, a mixed gender poly support group in Berkeley, after taking a hiatus, she replaced it with this women's support group. In total, she has over 15 years experience facilitating her polyamory support groups.


The support circle is open to self-identified women, living as women 24/7 of all sexual orientations, who are interested in polyamory; from the curious to the experienced, and for those who have chosen to be involved with those identifying as polyamorous.


In our circle, we use a 'talking stick'. We use the talking stick to take turns speaking, so everyone wishing to speak will be heard. Meetings are conducted using principles for maintaining confidentiality, anonymity, non-judgmental, non-violent speech, without 'cross- talk', or side conversations. Anonymity and confidentiality of members attending, or not present, in addition to partners who are not members of the circle, will be maintained.


We begin the circle by introducing ourselves, and reading aloud the 'Principles of Conduct' for our meeting. This is followed by a brief 'check-in' where members are encouraged to share their interest in attending the polyamory circle, and/or perhaps an update on their life, since they last attended, if they are a returning member.

Check-in will be followed by an opportunity for members to take turns sharing personal 'burning' or 'pressing' issues or challenges they are currently facing. After a member shares this, and what they want from the Circle, they then open the floor to get feedback, insights, other perspectives, encouragement, and ideas to from members. Members offer this support voluntarily, one person at a time.

Regardless of whether you directly participate in 'burning' issues time, remember that your presence itself is supportive in providing a sacred, safe space, and a sense of community. You may find that the issues discussed useful to you, regardless of your direct participation.

IF there is time remaining, after 'burning issues', the floor will be open to discuss a topic of mutual interest to members, suggested by the moderator or Circle members. Covering everyone's 'burning' issues is a priority and the main part of the meetings, usually we do not have remaining time to fill up with a discussion.

Before the end of the meeting, there will be time for announcements of interest to the poly community, to share titles and authors of helpful books, to share other resources such as websites, therapists, etc., to exchange each other's personal contact information, to ask for support buddies to bridge you with support between Circles.


The support circles begin promptly at 7 PM and ends at 9 PM. No one admitted after 7:10 PM. A $5 donation is asked, no one turned away for lack of funds. Please do not come if you must leave early. Limited space, must RSVP to reserve a spot! DO NOT invite friends or partners to show up with you, they MUST apply for membership and be approved on this site first. Non-smoking please.


Let our commitment to live in love be our common thread,
holding us together in the web of life,
always being spun anew, and always strong!

Group open to all self-identified women interested in polyamory. Polyamory is the theory and practice of openly maintaining multiple sexual, romantic, or intimate relationships. A safe space for all sexual orientations. Join to get scheduled Meetup dates.

You must RSVP for each meeting, please don't just show up. I need to have a head count, ahead of time, and it is helpful for other potential attendees to know how many people will be attending.

We offer each other mutual support for facing the challenges involved in choosing, exploring, creating, and maintaining polyamorous or otherwise consensual open relationships in our lives. This means that the group is also designed for women who do not identify as polyamorous, but are involved with someone who is, or are in an open relationship and are not the party involved with another person/s.The group is also for those who are seriously curious about polyamory or consensual non-monogamy as a possibility for themselves, or are curious about the possibility of being in relationship to someone who is polyamorous or consensual non-monogamous.

We honor each other's own definition of the term, "polyamorous relationship". Meetings are conducted using principles for maintaining anonymity, non-judgmental and non-violent speech with one another, and no 'cross-talk'. Meetings will be moderated by organizer to ensure, to the best of her ability, that participants leave the meeting feeling heard, honored, and edified.


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