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Erlang: An Intro to Erlang, and Erlang Meta-Programming with Elixir

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6:00PM Doors are open, feel free to mingle 6:30 Presentation start (2 presentations, 30 minutes for the first and 45 minutes to an hour for the second, including questions) 8:00 Off to a nearby watering hole (The Whip?) for a pint, food, and/or breakout discussions "erlang_whut?": A Smash And Grab Intro

-- Jeremy Pierre

Hate punctuation, love your for loops and think callbacks or runnables are the path to concurrency? There's a better way in Erlang and we'll cover the reasons why you should bother in 25 minutes or less.

About Jeremy Pierre

Jeremy Pierre of HootSuite ( (Alexa global rank 199 ( works with Scala and Akka building platforms for streaming data and near realtime collaboration. Recent forays into Erlang for Spacewar! and other projects in need of solutions requiring high concurrency inform his work.

Erlang meta-programming with Elixir

-- Yurii Rashkovskii

We all know Erlang as a language has certain limitations (for better or worse). It also makes you write a lot of boilerplate code. Sometimes we can put up with it, sometimes it's just annoying.

I've been looking into different meta-programming techniques to be used with Erlang. I've been using parse transformations a lot (and gave talks about them). But that wasn't enough for me. I've tried investing some time in Joxa (, which is awesome, btw), but I found that it is a little bit more of a Lisp than Erlang. So I continued my search, and took another look at Elixir (, which I dismissed some time ago. It went through quite a transformation and, in my opinion, became a decent meta-compiler for Erlang that's not too far away from Erlang itself.

In this talk I'll show how you can program Erlang in a much more productive way — and common pitfalls to avoid.

About Yurii Rashkovskii

Yurii has been using Erlang on and off since 2001 for commercial and open source projects, always returning to it from his endeavours with other platforms. Among other things, his open source Erlang work includes erlzmq2, beam.js, seqbind & exportie, proper_stdlib, evfs,, agner, epitest and EEP 39 implementation. Yurii also actively contributes to Elixir (BEAM-based programming language, a meta-compiler for Erlang) and its ecosphere (expm, genx, cage, exn, relex and others).

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