What we're about

What is a polyglot? It's someone who can speak several languages.

Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'on polyglotte? C'est une personne qui parle plusieurs langues.

¿Qué es un poliglota? Es una persona que habla algunos idiomas.

Was ist ein Polyglott? Es ist eine Person, die mehrere Sprachen sprechen kann.

Τι θα πει πολύγλωσσος; Είναι κάποιος που μιλάει πολλές γλώσσες.

Polyglot ne demek? Çok dil bilen biridir.

How does our group work? We try to speak as many of our languages as we can at each event.

Come and meet other people who speak several languages.

NOTE: This is a conversational group; you should be able to communicate in at least three languages (including English), but if you only speak one language besides English, you can still come, as there might be someone who wants to practice that language with you there.

In our introductions, we have written our approximate level in each of our languages, as follows:

• N = native

• F = fluent

• A = advanced

• I = intermediate

• B = beginner

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