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Tuesday Night Round Robin League
For more information please go to: ( or email [masked] ABOUT PongPlanet RR LEAGUES The weekly Round Robin League is held every Tuesday and Sunday at PongPlanet Club. League director will have our leagues processed for USATT League Ratings ( This league is for all-level players. League director will give you an estimate rating if you don't have one. League Format The league director starts off each league with a printout of potential league players, in the order of player rating. The format is to put the top four players in the first group, the next four are put in the second group, and so on down the list. If the number of players in the league is not divisible by four, then the number of players in some groups would be adjusted. Players play all other members in their group. The goal is to win the group, and to improve one’s league rating. Recommended format is best of 3 to 11 - depending on number of players and time available. League Ratings At the start of the league, players will start out with either USATT ratings ( or estimated ratings. League ratings will change in the same way that USATT ratings change, using the same rating chart. Ratings will be calculated online when results are input by the League Director. Unrated players will be given a rating of 800, if no better estimate is available. (These ratings may be adjusted later as more info is available.)

PongPlanet Table Tennis Club

848 Brittan Ave · San Carlos, CA

What we're about

You love ping pong, you are itching to play, you even know where to play, but you cannot find someone to play with.
So, you show up at the local ping pong club, watch these demi-gods at play, and leave feeling vanquished even before trying.
Or you show up, but there's no one your level to play with. Just the wrong day and wrong time - too bad.
Well, no need to sweat it out so much any more. Really.
We have created a PongPlanet Meetup Group especially for you.
The purpose of this group is to connect you with potential playing partners who share your goals (recreational vs competitive) and your playing levels (beginner vs intermediate vs advanced). You are in control now. You can propose a meetup time, gather your own cozy group of like-minded buddies and y'all show up at the agreed time at PongPlanet to have the best ping pong time of your life! Another cool feature is the Discussion Forum for you to discuss and share anything table tennis related: news, articles, videos, pictures, jokes and 'for-sale' ads too. Wanna swap that over-used Tenergy for the untried 'Provincial' Hurricane III ? Welcome home. So, don't just sit there, join today and become an 'Orbiter' of PongPlanet.

If you didn't already know, PongPlanet is the newest full-time table tennis club in the Peninsula. We have world-class coaches, competition grade tables, brand new professional table tennis flooring, excellent lighting, air-conditioning, and also free wi-fi too ! We offer robot training, private training and group training to kids and adults.

The drop-in fee is $8 for full-day access to the club. Early bird hours qualify for a lower drop-in fee of $5 (M-F, 12am-3pm). The club is open all days of the week. Visit for more details.

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