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Pop-up Tours are for expats, tourists and locals in Copenhagen who want to see something and explore something different in the city. We explore the more unknown parts, areas and perspectives of Copenhagen. We arrange a guide to do a tour of around 1.5 hour to 2 hours which typically costs 120 dkr per person. Besides exploring Copenhagen, we are also about meeting new people, and we almost always finish with a visit to a café or the like for those who are interested.

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Pop-up tour in Roskilde – Vikings, Roskilde cathedral and more

Discover Roskilde town, and get introduced to the main sights – among others the Cathedral and the Viking ships. Just outside Copenhagen lies unique Roskilde. During the Viking age, Roskilde was a major city, but because power was later transferred to Copenhagen, its cozy and historical past is still very much felt in the old town. At the same time, Roskilde is lively and friendly, and has a wealth of interesting sights to explore. On this Pop-up tour, we will discover the old and new Roskilde. On our way through Roskilde, we will give special attention to UNESCO world heritage Roskilde Cathedral, and Viking age and the world-known Viking ship museum. We will not go inside these sights, but after the tour you have time to enter the Viking ship museum, or explore some of the other sights of Roskilde. You will be guided by Jens from Pop-up tours, and as with our other Pop-up tours, there will also be time to socialize with the other participants in the group. The cost of the tour is 150 dkr (which can be paid on the day on mobile pay or cash). If you like to enter any of the sights after the tour, that’s extra (but Jens can facilitate a discounted access on some of them). We start just outside Roskilde station, by the big vases on the big square (Hestetorvet). After a walk through Roskilde, we end at the Viking ship museum where we also finish our tour with an optional drink (and you can walk back to the station, or take a bus/taxi). The walk is 2-3 kilometers and last around 2 hours.

Explore Vesterbro on a Pop-up tour!

Vesterbros Torv

From Copenhagen’s Red light Cistrict to the artsy, hipster but also homey district with the - probably - best cafes and nightlife in Denmark! Vesterbro is the area where the central station in Copenhagen is. However, most people leave with the impression that it is all about Tivoli, hotels - and the red light district! But beyond that, there is a thriving community of students, artists and everyday people with small galleries, independent design stores, a renovated meat packing district and a wealth of nice cafés, restaurants and bars. At this guided walk, we will both explore the historical background of this working-class neighborhood, and all the modern aspects of Vesterbro. This time around, we will make the tour in two parts, with a nice stop on the way with time for a drink and to socialize (outdoors, and necessary Corona-distance) with the rest of the group. Expect 2,5 to 3 hours, all included. Dress according to the weather. The tour will be conducted by Jens Frahm-Rasmussen, HR trainer and tour guide with Work & Life Denmark, and long time resident on Vesterbro. Start: Vesterbros Torv, by the fountain. Key Words: Vesterbro • History • Diversity • Pocket parks • Istedgade • Boutique cafés, ice cream parlours and microbreweries • Street art • City renovation • Meat packing district • Meet-the-group The tickets cost 125 dkr and can be bought at the spot (cash or mobile pay).

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Tales from the grave - tour at Assistens cemetery - Nørrebro

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