Planning Charlotte County's Centennial

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Cross-pollination happens not only in nature but in human activities of common interest. History pre or not, is such an area. Therefore the entire membership of the Charlotte County Anthropological Society is cordially invite. The newly organized Charlotte County Florida Historical Society wishes to follow in the footsteps of the Charlotte Harbor Area Historical Society and its dedicated historians, Lindsay Williams and U.S. Cleveland who did such a splendid job for the celebration of our 75th anniversary. Found member Ted Ehmann, a local historian and author will present the period that led to the creation of the county ( and three others) on April 23,1921. The day was won by a very unassuming hardware store owner who ran for State Senator, Francis ( Frank) Marion Cooper ( pictured center-left). Ehmann will share his life and what is was like in Charlotte County in the 1920s. Visit the new society website: