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Clayton and Rebecca have spent some time cleaning and preparing the bluffs at a local outdoor climbing spot. We'll be going back on non-rainy Sundays and would love to have people join us. In addition to the intermediate routes (nothing here is long or difficult) we've prepared a couple beginner routes so you can come and learn even if you've never climbed before. Clayton has taught climbing before and Rebecca is comfortable helping a beginner as well. We've had a couple first-timers out with us and they did well and will come back.

We each have a bit of extra gear a newbie could use so can get someone climbing with us who doesn't have any gear. A helmet and harness is really all you need and we have extras. Although climbing shoes are great on the tougher routes, tight fitting rubber soled shoes work well and hiking boots can also work. Bring water and a snack as you will burn some calories.

If other people are interested in coming please let us know and we can arrange a meeting point. The current plan is to meetup at 9:00am at Clayton's place near Douglas College. The bluffs are north of Minnekhada Park in Coquitlam at the base of the Munro Lake / Dennet Lake trail.

If you climb up you get to rappel down!

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