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Join Us To Dive Deeper~ Explore Your Hologenetic DNA Blueprint Profile~
You are invited to participate in our ongoing weekly group exploring the "Genius Initiative" created by Richard Rudd, the author of Gene Keys~Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA. This decade long endeavor encompasses the ancient wisdom of the I Ching and the Kabbalah integrated with the insights Richard has been transmitting and offering globally for several years. We as a group are at various stages in studying our personal profiles. You can receive yours via: , click on "profile" and complete your birth date, time and place information and your complementary profile will be sent to your email address. Bring a copy with you, some note paper, an open heart and mind and you will be amazed what comes through your own contemplation as well as our sharing at this level of conscious awareness. Co-facilitated by Kate Bell and Grace Rosen. We meet for about 90 minutes. Further questions, please email us here.

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This group has developed organically from a core of four people of all ages who are committed to exploring the genetic blueprint they were born with and how it can dynamically enhance their lives on all levels, including their Life Work, Evolutionary Challenge, Breakthrough Radiance and Life Purpose that allows them to be their authentic and true selves.

"We each contain a secret message~ an essence. The point of the gene keys is to unlock the code of your genetic blueprint, and release your message, and express or manifest your special essence into the world."

We meet weekly on Saturday mornings for 90 minutes and enjoy deep diving dialogue, videos that enhance our imagination and embodiment of our gifts as we transmute our shadows.

You can print out your complementary Hologenetic Profile on Richard Rudd's website: and bring this with you when you attend our meetings each week.

There is a transmission of energy that is conveyed through each gene key and as you read through the Gene Keys book, either hard copy or E Book version, you begin to consciously shift your genetic coding by increasing the vibrational frequency of your inner awareness and expanded consciousness.

You can sense if this resonates with you by viewing two complementary webinars with Richard Rudd over the past month: :

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