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This a Meetup for folks ready (with a little encouragement and support) to challenge the sadness and worry, hopelessness and fear that keep us isolated from one another and at the mercy of painful thoughts, feelings and events that seem beyond our control.

We hope you'll join us and explore the many low-key social gatherings and life-changing learning opportunities on our calendar. These events provide fun, interesting, stress-free ways to meet new people -- people you will like....people like you! If you join us, you’ll find you already have a great deal in common with other members of our group. You'll make new friends who can identify and relate to the challenges you're facing, and will want to find ways to start supporting each other and celebrating each other’s victories right away.

Since everyone in our Meetup already understands, from the inside out, how challenging depression and anxiety can be, you can attend our events knowing, even before you show up, that you won’t end up feeling awkward, alone, or out of place. Without even having to explain yourself, you’ll find it's easy to connect with others who can appreciate just how difficult it can be, at times, simply to get yourself out of the house.

Our social events include simple board and card game gatherings, trivia nights, live music events, city nature walks, hiking, biking and other outdoor adventures, volunteer opportunities, museum visits, art happenings, craft events, comedy and improv nights, movies, plays, lectures, readings, food events, holiday celebrations, etc.

Any member with an interest or idea, or who simply wants to start a new gathering closer to home, is welcome to plan and host a social event. That includes newcomers like you! Simply message Stephen, the Meetup Organizer, if you’d like to get a new event started in your neighborhood and other, like-minded souls involved.

In addition to social activities, our Meetup sponsors or co-sponsors a wide range of low-cost educational and community-building workshops. These interactive learning experiences are designed to help us think more optimistically and creatively, build deeper and more meaningful relationships, and learn valuable new strategies and skills for effectively managing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Our workshops create warm, welcoming, judgement-free spaces to learn and connect. They feature small group discussions and learning exercises designed to help us acknowledge our strengths, stay focused on solutions rather than problems, and gently hold ourselves accountable for identifying and reaching our goals. They also provide natural opportunities to deeply engage with others committed to similar kinds of learning and growth.

Best of all, all workshop topics and learning activities encourage us to take charge of our own well-being by developing new skills and gathering the resources and supports we'll need to be successful. Sometimes this may involve encouraging one another to challenge the false assumptions, outdated beliefs, distorted thinking, circular reasoning and unhelpful attitudes that have been holding us back. But it also involves being there for each other no matter how things go.

We hope you'll join our community and learn more about us by attending any event that interests you. You’ll find we're warm, welcoming, fun-loving folk who want nothing more than for everyone on earth to be as happy as possible. Including you!

We believe in you and your ability to learn, change and grow. We believe in you even if you don't, any more. We know you can and will start feeling better, probably much sooner than you think. And that ending your isolation and spending time with others who can understand what you're going through is a major step in the right direction.

So come on out! Don't even hesitate!! We'd love to see you at one of our events!!!

PS: If you’re really struggling and need to talk to someone RIGHT NOW, contact the Multnomah County Call Center at (503) 988-4888. Or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255. In addition, urgent care walk-in services are available through Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare from 7am - 10:30pm every day at 2415 SE 43rd Ave in Portland: (503) 238-0705.

PPS: To maintain confidentiality, be aware that you can manage the settings on your Meetup Profile to make sure your membership in our group remains invisible to other Meetup members. In addition, out of respect for the confidentiality of other members, please refrain from posting any photos from our events identifying others. Thanks!

PPPS: To cover the cost of planning, organizing and promoting the 150+ free events we sponsor for our members each year, we do ask members to eventually make a voluntary annual contribution to support the Meetup. But please don’t make that donation right away, unless you already know you want to lend your support. Please, by all means, feel free to get to know us better first.

Come on out! Come meet some of the other folks who live in your community who are interested in many of the same things you are. Attend one of our no-risk social gatherings. Read a few upcoming workshop descriptions. Give yourself a little time to take us out for a spin, kick the tires, and make sure it’s a good fit.

Then, whenever you feel ready, make your annual donation when it feels right.

Your contribution is strictly voluntary. No one will ever check to be sure you’ve made it, and no one will ever think you don't belong if you don't.

It's entirely up to you.

Anytime you feel willing, you can find the “Chip in” button in the left column on our Member page. Or just follow this link:


And thank you for your support.

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