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Portland Association for Psychological Type - MBTI
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Join us for a fun and casual summer event. We will discuss and debate the 8 cognitive functions as expressed by five characters in the Dead Poets Society. Please join us if you're curious! You do not need to be versed on or familiar with the 8 functions to participate.

Afterward we will enjoy a potluck lunch and continue the conversation. Please add a comment to this event telling the group what dish you will be bringing.

While we cannot determine with certainty the personality types of these characters, we will have an interesting and lively debate. At the end of our discussion, we will write down our best guess for each character's 4 letter type and one lucky person will win a prize! Again, please note that only an individual can determine their own type and our discussions are intended only to educate ourselves further on the functions.


PAPT Members: $0

Non-Members: $5 payable at the door

We suggest that you watch the movie beforehand. Most likely the movie will be at your local library or you can find it here online: Link to Amazon Dead Poets Society (

Below are the clips we will focus on during the discussion.

Mr. Keating

1. Link to Carpe Diem Clip (

2. Link to Why Poetry Clip (

3. Link to Conformity Clip (

Gale Nolan

4. Link to Opening Ceremony Clip (

5. Link to It's God Clip (

Todd Anderson

6. Link to Barbaric Yawp Clip (

7. Link to O Captain My Captain Clip (

Richard Cameron

8. Link to Poetry Graph Clip - 1st half (

9. Link to Richard Cameron Ratting Clip (

Neil Perry

10. Link to Flying Desk set Clip (

11. Link to Neil and Keating Conversation Clip (





Extraverted Sensing: ( the immediate context; taking action in the physical world; noticing changes and opportunities for action; accumulating experiences; scanning for visible reactions and relevant data; recognizing "what is." Noticing what was available, trying on different items, and seeing how they look.


Introverted Sensing ( Reviewing past experiences; "what is" evoking "what was"; seeking detailed information and links to what is known; recalling stored impressions; accumulating data; recognizing the way things have always been. Remembering the last time you wore a particular item or the last time you were at a similar event—maybe even remembering how you felt then.


Extraverted iNtuiting: ( situations and relationships; picking up meanings and interconnections; being drawn to change "what is" for "what could possibly be"; noticing what is not said and threads of meaning emerging across multiple contexts. Noticing the possible meanings of what you might wear: "Wearing this might communicate…"


Introverted iNtuiting: ( Foreseeing implications and likely effects without external data; realizing "what will be"; conceptualizing new ways of seeing things; envisioning transformations; getting an image of profound meaning or far-reaching symbols. Envisioning yourself in an outfit or maybe envisioning yourself being a certain way.



Extraverted Thinking: ( Segmenting; organizing for efficiency; systematizing; applying logic; structuring; checking for consequences; monitoring for standards or specifications being met; setting boundaries, guidelines, and parameters; deciding if something is working or not. Sorting out different colors and styles; thinking about the consequences, as in "Since I have to stand all day…"


Introverted Thinking: ( Analyzing; categorizing; evaluating according to principles and whether something fits the framework or model; figuring out the principles on which something works; checking for inconsistencies; clarifying definitions to get more precision. Analyzing your options using principles like comfort or "Red is a power color."


Extraverted Feeling: ( Connecting; considering others and the group-organizing to meet their needs and honor their values and feelings; maintaining societal, organizational, or group values; adjusting to and accommodating others; deciding if something is appropriate or acceptable to others. Considering what would be appropriate for the situation: "One should or shouldn't wear…" or "People will think…"


Introverted Feeling: ( Valuing; considering importance and worth; reviewing for incongruity; evaluating something based on the truths on which it is based; clarifying values to achieve accord; deciding if something is of significance and worth standing up for. Evaluating whether you like an outfit or not: "This outfit suits me and feels right."