What we're about

Hello! I am the new main organizer. I have opened the group to unlimited and am excited to meet you all!

This group is for women and woman identifying people (ages 18+) who love to boulder/climb! If you're new to bouldering or you're thinking about trying it out, then this is a great place to start. I'm wanting this to be a fun community where we can help each other learn more about climbing/bouldering.

We will have meetups at different climbing gyms around Portland. A lot of the meetups, espceially at first, will probably be at The Circuit gym since there are a few in different areas. For each meetup you'll have to pay to climb at the gym. You can either get punch pass, day pass or an annual membership. If you do not have shoes you'll probably want to rent them.

Since I've just made it unlimited, there will be a $5 annual fee that is due on your first meetup. This goes towards the cost the group pays to meetup to run the page.

Past events (13)

NE Circuit bouldering

410 NE 17th Ave

Portland rock gym

21 NE 12th Ave

Planet Granite boulder and climb

Planet Granite

Bouldering at SW Circuit

6050 SW Macadam Ave

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