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Are you a CEO that wants to learn from other CEOs how they approach running their organizations?

Are you looking for new tools and techniques that will help you be a more confident, more effective leader?

Do you want to develop a strong mental mindset that will equip you to overcome the challenges of leading a company?

Portland CEO Mastermind helps CEOs become better business leaders through authentic peer-learning and sharing events.

There's nothing flashy about what we do. We meet, we share, we talk and debate and we learn from each other.

Being a CEO can be a lonely (and stressful) endeavor. Our group was created so we can lean on each other for ideas, advice, motivation, critique and holding each other accountable for how we engage with employees.

This group will help you build empathy for employees, be bold and take an offense-oriented approach to business and develop resiliency to bounce back fast from setbacks.

This is a private paid-membership group. We accept a limited number of new members every quarter. New applicants are asked to complete a brief questionnaire and go through an interview process with the Governing Board.

All members must sign an NDA. All discussions and information is confidential. We value diversity and strive to create a membership base that spans all forms of identity... both professional and personal.

However, we reserve the right to to avoid on-boarding members in a competing commercial space or where there is an obvious conflict of business interest (Nike vs. Adidas).

All members are required to give a 20-minute presentation every quarter on a topic that will deliver value to the other CEO members.

There is a small membership fee to cover location fees, snacks and drinks.

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