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Details once-a-month workshop is all about building up your skills as a solo performer. Each class will be limited to 8 students.

Many people can play an instrument, and many can sing - but the trick is to do both, and make it your own!

Becoming an interesting listenable solo performer requires a number of different skills particular to your style of music. This workshop will focus on the practical aspects of orchestrating and arranging pieces for solo self-accompaniment. We will discuss topics such as arrangement and orchestration, rhythm and percussive playing within a solo accompaniment structure, practical self-accompaniment tips, audience interaction, and effective use of amplification and electronics.

Participants will be required to show up with at least 3 pieces they are working on. Using cheat-sheets and notes to ease your mind during performance is highly recommended.

Please Note: There is a $10 fee for this 3-hour workshop.

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