First Fridays at Community Jams Studio


Every first Friday, our community will come together to help host an art event for the East Creative Collective.

We'll be hosting local artists in our studio, and hosting an open house for the curious who come to learn about us.

We will be navigating newcomers through our unique system of getting strangers up and playing together without rehearsal or fear. We'll be inviting the guests to share our company, our studio, and our music for a little while, so we can learn about each other.

RSVP to show up and support the session by adding your voice or your instruments to the party! To keep things simple and straightforward, we will be limiting our party to ONLY songs on the bsteele app. Check the current library at

If there are songs you've been successfully happy jamming at our other events, then come to the first Friday event and anchor a song so that we can show our neighbors just how much fun our music can be!