• Lessons Learned: City of Portland’s Move to the Cloud
    First of all, our apologies for not getting this group going sooner! As John Lennon (and others) said, "Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans." But finally, we are ready to roll. A reminder that this group's MAIN purpose is for you to get your burning cloud questions answered. So please bring along your questions, your answers, and your willingness to discuss. In addition, we'll have an approximately 30-minute presentation. SCHEDULE 5:30 - arrive and have food, etc. 6:00 - presentation (see below) 6:30 - presenter will answer questions and we'll open it up to general questions 7:30 - we'll start winding down PRESENTATION Lessons Learned: City of Portland’s Move to the Cloud Over the last few years, the City of Portland has slowly moved a variety of services to cloud providers. The most prominent move was its transition to Microsoft Office 365. Come hear about what motivates, as well as paralyzes, organizations like the City from embracing the cloud. Logan Kleier will discuss how to handle organizational bureaucracy, limited internal technical skills, and budget concerns as part of the process of moving large organizations to cloud services. SPEAKER Logan Kleier is the CEO and Founder of SecondSight, a software analytics startup based in Portland. Prior to this, he was the Information Security Officer for the City of Portland where he managed policy and operational security for the City’s infrastructure and applications. He has also worked for the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) as well as several wireless and broadband startups in the DC area. Logan has a BA from Trinity University and a Masters from Georgetown.

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