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Enter from NW 13th St. Check in with us on the ground floor, and then take the lift to the 4th floor.

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It’s the start of a whole new year, and we can’t think of a better way to kick off our 2020 programming than by handing it over to all of you.

Join us in Vacasa’s great hall on Thursday, January 30 for our first Open Mic Night, when we’re shaking up the ordinary “sage on the stage” routine by asking our membership to tell us what’s on their minds, design-wise. An event of, by and for the community.

Here’s how it’ll work (it’s dead simple). Come to the event with either a) one topic you’d like to speak on for up to seven minutes (a limit, not a target) or b) a question you’d like to pose to the group (questions can be as short as you like, but again no longer than seven minutes). The topics and questions should be related to human-centered design, but otherwise the slate is wide open. And of course you’re welcome to just come watch and listen, if you don’t have a burning topic to share.

You DON'T have to be a design professional in order to grab the mic and share. In fact, we especially encourage those who aren’t: what’s top of mind for you, even if you’re new to design thinking? Not an expert? Ask one! What subjects and topics might you like to see this community tackle in 2020?

For example:
* Did you gain a skill or insight in 2019 that you think the community would benefit from learning about? Tell us about it.
* What issue or challenge are you most concerned about that you suspect has an HCD solution?
* Share a story about a design process that was either gratifyingly successful or went horribly awry.
* Is there an aspect of design practice that you find frustrating or difficult? Ask your colleagues how they cope with it.
* Did you read something esoteric about design that you just can’t grok? Bring it and we’ll translate it into common English for the group!
* Share an example of how an HCD method or mindset has become part of a daily/weekly/regular routine? Or ask for advice on how to make it so!
* Confused about the difference between Service Design, User Experience Design (aka UX), Strategic Design, Design Thinking, Urban Design, Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Agile Software Development, and the rest of the rapidly proliferating fields relating to HCD? Ask!

Afterward, we’ll open up the evening to free-form conversation/networking around the topics brought up by the contributors.

See what we mean? Dead simple! Come hang out with our rapidly growing community and share any thoughts you have on human-centered design.

Finally, if you wish to speak (either a topic or a question), drop us a quick line at our Slack Workspace (@Scott Neilson or @Patrick Sharbaugh). You can also email patricksharbaugh @ gmail dot com. Our aim is to give everyone who’s interested a chance to speak, so we’re just looking for a heads-up on numbers. (If you don’t have a topic at hand right now, there’ll also be a chance to sign up at the event itself).

See you on the 30th.