Hands-On Workshop: Getting Beyond Brainstorming for your Next Ideation Session

Portland Design Thinkers
Portland Design Thinkers
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Cooking up great ideas is only part of the equation for design thinking and creative problem solving, but it's an absolutely essential one. It's also one of the areas where teams and organizations fail hardest and most often. The best ideas aren't generated in isolation but as part of a multitude, one of many others that emerge from a massively divergent -- and often highly structured -- process of ideation.

In our next meetup we'll get hands-on with some of the most effective techniques for generating truly creative ideas and talk about how to move past the myth of "shower epiphanies" and the drawbacks of traditional brainstorming.

No need to bring anything except an open, nonjudgmental mind and some creative energy. If you have a structured method for ideating, we'd also love to hear about it!