Running Remote Design Sessions with MURAL

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Sticky notes, Sharpies, and paper are invaluable tools for human-centered design -- but in today's increasingly globalized workplaces, it's more and more common that we're working with teams dispersed across locations and time zones. How can we facilitate great sessions under such circumstances?

Digital alternatives are available to replace flip-charts and whiteboards, and MURAL is arguably one of the best out there. Not only do you save time transcribing content, you can also save time setting up sessions. Remote participants can work on the same workspace as co-located participants, so they can contribute and collaborate just as easily as those in the room, and not feel like second-class citizens.

But most teams are still hesitant to include (more) screens in their in-person meetings, worried that digital devices will break the natural flow of in-person collaboration. And it’s understandable: facilitators need to engage and focus the team so they can collaborate effectively.

Together with some expert facilitators from MURAL and Portland Community Design Thinkers, you will be taken through an innovation process using digital devices in order to experience its power, and learn how running remote sessions can be empowering and valuable for your team.

This is a very hands-on Meetup, so get ready to fully immerse yourselves in the innovation process using digital devices. Bonus points to those who bring their devices with MURAL already loaded!