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Are you curious about yourself and about life? Are you interested in your true inner nature, and the true nature of reality? This group is for anyone interested in the spiritual journey, which we will look at through the particular lens of the Diamond Approach.

The Diamond Approach is a path of spiritual awakening that has arisen in our times. It addresses the modern seeker's desire to have a full and meaningful life and work while also finding the inner freedom that comes from awakening to being. People today rarely want to retire from life to live in a monastery for years. Rather, we love our lives and our world, and we want them to be rich with meaning, beauty, and presence.

In meetups, Diamond Approach teachings will be introduced, and participants will begin to experience how spirituality and psychology interface, how spiritual work leads us to our inner obstacles, and how sincere engagement of inquiry can dissolve barriers to allow authentic experience and expression through essential qualities such as peace, joy, strength, and compassion. The meetings will be facilitated by Anne Hoff, a local Diamond Approach teacher. Meetings will include meditation, discussion, and experiential exercises, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about inner work, the Diamond Approach, the themes we discuss, and how this material interfaces with your own unique life.

No experience of spiritual work is necessary, only curiosity.

“DIAMOND APPROACH is a registered trademark of The Ridhwan Foundation in the U.S., Europe, and various other countries.”

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Online event

The Doorway of Love

The North Portland Growth Place

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