Online Group Meditation for Healing & Upliftment of Earth & All Beings

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Portland Energy & Consciousness Community Calendar
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Please join us as we shower all of Humanity and Mother Earth in Unconditional Love and Grace. The meditation will bring you back to balance, heart center, support you in your work, and unify our positive intent and presence to uplift The Earth and all of Humanity, as we are called to be particularly and potently present in Service in these changing times.

Your participation and positive presence in this group energy matters and is amplified as we connect in common, loving intention 💖🙏

These FREE meditations happen weekly:

Monday eves at 7:30 PM PST, unless notified otherwise.

Link up from almost any device that can access the internet:
(Ignore the signup/download request and just use the link to go to the event)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Please announce yourself and where you're from in the chat box when you link in. You can choose video, avatar image, or not.

If we've already begun, please get comfy, relax, listen, and follow along.
Plan on +/- 40 minutes with time after for brief discussion.

If you're on FB, you can learn more here:

Look forward to having you join us. Please message me with any questions.

Much Love,

Who Am I and why am I doing this? Spirit asked me to and when Spirit asks, I've learned to listen.

I'm excited to share these Divinely inspired meditations to unify and magnify our focus onhealing, upliftment and what we DO want in these transformational times.