Francesco Cesarani - Thinking in a Highly Concurrent, Mostly-functional Language

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We are fortunate this month to have noted tech luminary, Erlang Solutions founder and O'Reilly author Francesco Cesarini join us.

Yale Professor Alan Perlis once wrote, “A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing.”

To really appreciate the power of the actor model, no matter if you are using Go, Rust, AKKA or Erlang, you need to learn to think concurrently. Erlang has for decades been leading the way in concurrent thinking and developers from different communities abd backgrounds have a lot to learn from its approach.

This talk illustrates by example how embracing the Erlang way of thinking about problems leads to scalable and fault-tolerant designs. It will describe three ways of clustering Erlang nodes within the server side domain, describing how these systems have evolved as the concurrency model and the underlying hardware got more powerful.

Through these case studies, we will describe how Erlang, and more specifically, concurrency was done in 1995 when the limit of processes was 30,000, with an evolution as to how concurrency is used and applied today, when the limit of simultaneous processes in in the magnitude of millions per virtual machine.

This month we will be hosted by Renewable Funding:

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