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Euro Games at Legends of Gamers in Tualatin
We'll be playing euro games on Tuesday night from 6:30pm to 10:00pm at "Legends of Gamers" in Tualatin. Tony, the owner of the store has graciously agreed to host a regular group of Euro Game players on Tuesday nights. We will typically stick to medium to heavy euro games but will usually have some light and quick fillers to play for early arrivals or for quicker games at the end of the evening. We'll probably be playing a mix of new games and some of the older classics. Examples of the types of games that might be played include... Keyflower, Castles of Burgundy, Tzolkin, Troyes, Terra Mystica, El Grande, Goa, Caverna, Concordia, Agricola, Yokohama, Orleans, Feast For Odin, Lisboa, Princes of Florence, Steam, Terraforming Mars, Amun-Re, Nations, Etc., I'll be bringing a mix of old and new games as well as some small fillers for the beginning or end of the night. I always have games I'm looking forward to playing with me but please feel free to bring in games that you're willing and able to teach as well!

Legends Of Gamers

8101 Southwest Seneca Street · Tualatin, OR

What we're about

If you are a gamer that prefers "thinky" Euro games, then this group is for you!

The focus of this group will be on 1 to 3 hour medium to heavy euro strategy or economic games. Lighter euro games, card games, abstract games and "fillers" will likely be played as well for early arrivals and at the end of the night when time is short.

Some examples of the type of games likely to be played...

Agricola, Amun Re, Brass, Castles of Burgundy, Caverna, Caylus, Chicago Express, Concordia, Container, Endeavor, Feast For Odin, Francis Drake, Goa, Gold West, El Grande, Great Western Trail, Heaven & Ale, Keyflower, Lisboa, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Lords of Waterdeep, The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Nations, Nippon, Orleans, Pillars of the Earth, Pulsar 2849, Ra, Rajas of the Ganjes, Sagrada, Steam, Stone Age, Terra Mystica, Tikal, Troyes, Tzolkin, Terraforming Mars, Yokohama, etc.

-- Again, these are just examples.

The organizer is located in Wilsonville but all euro strategy gamers are welcome and we have meetups from Portland to Salem and surrounding areas.

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