What we're about

Hellenism (also known as Hellenismos or Hellenic Polytheism) is the religious practice of worshiping the ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. The religion of the ancient Greeks is not dormant, as some may think, but is being actively practiced today by those of us that feel called to worship.

Are you a practicing Hellenist, or a polytheist currently incorporating Greek deities into your spiritual practice? Whether you are a Hellenic reconstructionist (using strictly historical practices) or a revivalist (allowing more modern innovations into your practice), or a modern Neopagan incorporating some Hellenism into your magical practices, all are welcome!

We've been meeting monthly for tea and casual discussion, and have just started meeting for libations as well. In the future we hope to have a book discussion group, and perhaps plan some more elaborate celebrations.

If this all sounds new and intriguing and you’d like more information, here is a good introduction to Hellenism: https://paganfed.org/index.php/paganism/other-pagan-paths

For further reading I would also recommend the book “Hellinismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today” by Tony Mierzwicki.

Statement of Group Norms and Expectations

We welcome all sexual orientations, genders, races, ages, differences of ability, economic situations, life histories, and backgrounds. We will strive to make our events as accessible as possible. We agree to treat each other with respect and compassion, keeping in mind Solon’s Tenets (http://www.caldridge.net/2017/06/talking-tenets-solons-society.html) as helpful guidelines for our behavior. Our intention is that this group will be positive, fun and enriching. If conflict arises, we agree to deal with it openly and with underlying respect for each other, engaging with each other face-to-face rather than trying to resolve conflict via social media, text, or email. If a group member violates these norms and continues to do so after being spoken to, they will be asked to leave the group.

About the Organizer

Jennifer Sanborn is an initiated High Priestess of Aphrodite. She has a pagan, Wiccan, and Greek Orthodox Christian background, but now focuses primarily on reconstructing and innovating Hellenic forms of worship. While giving honor to all the Greek Gods, her primary focus is on Aphrodite, Goddess of love, and Hygieia, Goddess of health. She resides with her husband at Azoth Temple of Universal Illuminism in Portland.

Upcoming events (1)

New Moon Libation and Book Discussion

Azoth Temple of Universal Illuminism

A gathering to honor the Noumenia, eat honey cake and talk about books! The Noumenia is the first day of the lunar month, marking the day when the first sliver of the new moon is visible. In ancient Greece it was, in the words of Plutarch, "the holiest of days", and was marked with public rituals. Today it is common for household worshipers to honor Selene, Apollon Noumenios, Hestia and the other Hellenic household Gods on this day. We will begin with a short group libation to Selene, Apollon, and Hestia. We will recite a hymn to each, and there will be barley, cake, and organic grape juice for the offerings. If you would like to, bring a small offering, prayer, or hymn to add to the ritual. Afterwards we will gather in the living room with tea and Greek honey cake for a Book Discussion. Instead of all reading the same book, for this discussion bring any book you're reading that has to do with Hellenic Polytheism, Greek Gods, modern Hellenic Reconstruction, mythology, etc. Tell us about what you've read so far...and if you haven't read anything yet, you are still welcome to come join in the discussion! Directions: Our home, Azoth Temple, is a blue house located at 2814 SE Yamhill Street, between 28th and 29th. There is usually parking available in the street; don't pull into the driveway, it belongs to our neighbors. Accessibility: there are several steps leading up to the front door with hand railing. Inside, the altar is in the main room and there will be no more stairs to climb. The bathroom is accessible and has a hand rail.

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Hephaistos Libation

Azoth Temple of Universal Illuminism

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