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Eagle Creek to Twister Falls...In the Rain...

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RSVP's will open at 8:30 Friday AM

TOTAL MILES: 13.0 miles
PACE: “Moderate” (2~2.5 mph)
DIFFICULTY RATING: Moderate due to length
PERMITS: NW Forest Pass for Drivers

CARPOOLING: RT mileage is 75 miles, give or take; we suggest a mileage donation of 10 cents/mile/person, or $7.50 Exact change makes it easier to divide among our drivers. No one will be turned away for an inability to contribute. Thanks!

So it is time to return to the gorge…and why not start the fall out with this classic and one of my favorites…Eagle Creek to Twister Falls… yes it is going to rain…probably all day… all 13 miles of it… but it is a good wet weather trail and hey… you could be at home setting in front of a TV or you could be out enjoying the wet weather…which will give you a real sense of appreciation for and nice weather we get in October.. ;) Anyways… as always this hike offers a more or less moderate trail with some moderate exposures… but all well worth the views of Eagle Creek itself and the various waterfalls that we will encounter. The crown jewel is Twister Falls where we will try to shelter briefly for lunch and then make the return to our vehicles. As they say… there is no bad weather… only bad gear… so come prepared for rain, rain and more rain and you won’t be disappointed. This is going to be one of those days where I will enforce a no cotton policy at Gateway so please come prepared.

Please note that there is a MANUAL waiting list for this hike. What this means is that if a spot opens up everyone on the waiting list will automatically receive an e-mail notifying them of the opening. The first person (whether on the waiting list or not) to RSVP gets the spot.

NO DOGS, please.

What to bring:
• Sturdy hiking boots/shoes with at least one change of socks
• Two or three light layers of clothing that can be adjusted or removed as necessary (NO COTTON!!!)
• Rain gear
• Safety whistle, preferably on a cord around your neck (highly recommended)
• The 10 essentials*
• Trekking poles (never a bad idea)
• Lunch, snacks and plenty of water

*Navigation, Sun protection, Insulation, Illumination, First Aid, Fire, Repair Kit/Tools, Nutrition, Hydration, Emergency Shelter. For a more detailed description, check out “The Ten Essentials” on the Portland Hiking Meetup Group’s FILES page.