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North Lake in the Gorge

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Total Miles: 11

Elevation Gain: 4220

Pace: 2.5 mph

Difficulty Rating: Difficult

Type: Out and Back

Estimated Hiking Time: 7-8 hours

Permits: NW Forest Pass

Dogs: Yes, Dog Friendly, Dog must be on leash for the entire hike. You should also be prepared to drive.

CARPOOLING: RT mileage is 90 miles, give or take; suggest a mileage donation $9.00 per person. Exact change makes it easier to divide among our drivers. No one will be turned away for an inability to contribute. Thanks!

My hiking style we do stop for pictures and to enjoy the scenery, the pace while moving is a bit quicker than average. We stop at all trail junctions and wait for the group to gather together. We keep a loose point and sweep system where anybody can be upfront (point) or behind (sweep). When doing so if you are ahead you are point and should stop at every fork or intersection to regroup. If you are last, you are sweep and should maintain awareness that nobody is behind you.. If you need to step off the trail, you must let someone know. Please silence your cell phone while on the hike. I also encourage people to find conversation topics other than work.

My plan for this year is to get up to North Lake before the mosquito infestation sets in. This hike is a typical vertical Gorge journey the middle 3 miles of this hike are as steep as any trail in the Gorge. We will probably be at about 1.5mph while going up hill, however at the end of the day, I expect we will average around 2.5. I picture it going something like this:

Mile 1 - okay so far, nice wooded forest and creek.

Mile 2 - going uphill, starting to get warm.

Mile 3 - what kind of insane hike leader posts a crazy hike like this.

Mile 4 - @^&)$x! Tim )%$#@)X> stupid *@#*&) North Lake.

Mile 5 - surving this seems possible.

Mile 6 - it's all downhill from here.

Basically this hike is a wooded excursion, offering a few glimpses of the Gorge while passing through some lush old forest along with views of Mt Defiance to the east on the way up to North Lake.

We will take a nice long break at North Lake, 30-45 minutes then, after lunch, it is back the way we came.

What to bring:

Sturdy hiking boots/shoes with at least one change of socks.

Layers of clothing that can be adjusted or removed as necessary (NO COTTON!!!).

Rain gearSafety whistle, preferably on a cord around your neck (highly recommended).

The 10 essentials*

Trekking poles (never a bad idea)

Lunch, snacks and plenty of water

Navigation, Sun protection, Insulation, Illumination, First Aid, Fire, Repair Kit/Tools, Nutrition, Hydration, Emergency Shelter. For a more detailed description, check out “The Ten Essentials” on the Portland Hiking Meetup Group’s FILES page.

Please note if the hike is full, you can choose to be notified of a open spot . What this means is that if a spot opens up everyone who wants a spot will automatically receive an e-mail notifying them of the opening. The first person (whether on the waiting list or not) to RSVP gets the spot.