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June Lake - Chocolate Falls snowshoe

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PACE: 2 ~ 2.5 mph



PERMITS(drivers): Sno-Park Permit

PLEASE NOTE: We will be meeting at gateway at 7:45 for a prompt departure at 8AM. Please be on time, it's a long drive

Carpooling: We will organize carpooling at gateway when we meet on Saturday. Total driving distance to Marble Mountain Sno-Park is about 140 miles. we suggest a gas donation of 10cents/mile/person or $14. Exact change makes it easier to divide among drivers. Nobody will e turned around for their inability to contribute.

June Lake, at the Mt St Helens foothills is a little tucked away lake with a beautiful waterfall hidden in the back. It's on of those destinations that sometimes get overlooked because is not a long hike by any means. In the winter, you can't drive to the trailhead so that adds a bit to it. To add a bit more, we'll continue towards Chocolate falls and then, on the return, depending on the group and time, we might do a bit of backcountry travel over the lava flows.

What to bring:

- Warm clothes (absolutely no cotton!)

- Rain pants and jacket

- Hat & gloves

- Sunglasses and sunscreen

- Waterproof shoes

- Snowshoes (you can rent them at REI)

- Gaitors if you have them

- Trekking poles recommended

- Food & water

A word about my hiking style:

I'm never in a rush to get somewhere fast so my pace is usually between 2 and 2.5 miles/hour with frequent stops to take pictures. I also like to make a stop for lunch, preferably somewhere where we can sit down and enjoy the surroundings. I like exploring and checking out viewpoints or other interesting things while sticking to the plan. In some of my hikes (specially if the word "adventure" is included in the title) we'll go off-trail which requires some navigation, route finding and bushwhacking. When doing so, I take routes that I have researched, have waypoints on my GPS and/or have a map. I can get a bit disoriented but unless I say we're lost, we're not. Be patient and I'll find a route.

While hiking, unless I say otherwise or we are bushwhacking, I like to keep a loose point and sweep system where anybody can be upfront (point) or behind (sweep). When doing so if you are ahead you are point and should stop at every fork or intersection to regroup. If you are last, you are sweep and should maintain awareness that nobody is behind you. Nobody has to be point or sweep for the entire hike.