Andréa C.Andréa C.

Andréa C.

Organizer, Founder of Portland Laughter Yoga


Portland, OR

Joined group

Apr 29, 2011


Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher & Laughter Coach.

How did you first hear about Laughter Yoga?

I saw Laughter Yoga on another coach's website and immediately wanted to know more!

Have you tried Laughter Yoga before?

YES! But when I had my initial training I had never tried it. No one in Portland was leading a club, but I just knew I would love it and needed it.

What do you hope to gain from Laughter Yoga?

Laughing with others is the best way to bond and make new friends. I hope to spread the joy of intentional laughter. Others need to know that they have a choice each time they respond. Laughter can be a choice!