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Modern Sacred Circle


Gathering in circle allows each of us to be seen and heard equally. There is no front or back. No beginning or end. It allows each individual to be in an equal position and share and listen authentically from the heart. Being in circle fosters community and tribe. In circle we get to support each other, while feeling wholly supported.

Every woman in a circle is a leader.


Women are the medicine for the world. Explore the healing power of music by singing Mother Medicine chants to the divine feminine. Tribal drums will raise your vibration and make you want to dance as well as chant along. "Music is a therapy.It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient." - Yehudi Menuhin Why Women?
As women, we play lots of roles in our lives. We are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, business owners, teachers, politicians and community leaders. We manage budgets, spreadsheets, and employees at work while cooking dinner, folding laundry, and doing diapers at home. We do it all. Trying to keep up with the demands of being a fully engaged, modern woman can be depleting. From what we understand, a lot of women feel drained. With so many responsibilities, and people to care for, we often forget to take care of ourselves. But when we’re not taking care of ourselves, we’re no good to anyone. When women come together with shared purpose, we naturally begin to restore balance in ourselves and the group as a whole. These simple gatherings have the ability to deepen a woman’s confidence in the core of her unique strengths. Then she can leave the circle feeling stronger for her family, her community, and the world.

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