What we're about

Communicate with Nature, know when it is responding. Our purpose is to quiet the mind, see, feel and hear with the heart, heal ourselves so we can be of service.

Would you like to discover trees, plants, animals as teachers and healers, cultivate hearts full of love and compassion, experience our co-creative power in harmony with Nature, help reverse the environmental catastrophe humanity is facing? Are you curious if we can harness our consciousness in unity with Mother Earth to make our planet liveable again?

Each of us is called differently. Each has different gifts. Please join us, bring your gifts, your calling, your questions for: Talking with Trees; Nature Walks to Become Woke; Personal & Planetary Healing; Co-creation with the Sacred in Nature; Love and Appreciation for All Life; Kinship with All Life; The Wood Wide Web; How Plants Communicate (current science); Garden Communication to Cultivate NonViolence in our Back Yards.

Past events (8)

Nature Communication: Bridge to the Infinite (by Zoom)

2929 SW Multnomah Blvd

How a change of consciousness can help heal our planet

2929 SW Multnomah Blvd

Nature Walk to Heal Ourselves, Talk with Trees

Tryon Creek State Natural Area

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