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Ugly Sweater


So what on earth is an Ugly Sweater party?

FOOD! Bring something warm to share! Post a comment below and tell us what food you'll be sharing by December 29th!

CLOTHES! Wear your funkiest sweater! We all have one somewhere in the closet. Remember ugly sweater parties? Yup, that's what I'm talking about. Dress warm! Don't forget your jacket and ski pants (see the next point).

SNOW! If there's snow on the ground, we'll make snow angels, snowmen, and find a local hill to go sledding on. So bring a sled and dress warm!

SHARE! Bring one pair of "FUNKY" socks and one pair of "FUNKY" mittens to swap. Yup, you read that right, funky socks and mittens.

RE-GIFT! Did you get a gift for Christmas that you have no idea what to do with? Bring it to the party! For every gift you bring, you'll get a chance to choose a new present!

***As always, all activities are at YOUR OWN RISK! That includes sledding.***

Who's Bringing What for Food:

1. Rebecca & Luke - Soda, Chips, Paper goods, & the house!

2. Wendy - Shrimp Cocktail

3. Adam - Tortilla Chips & Dip

4. Jocelyn - 1. Chocolate chex mix 2. Cheesy Artichoke Dip with baguette

5. Amber - Something sweet & awesome, possibly quinoa bites

6. J - Bars of dark chocolate

7. Yueying - Parmesan cheese bread with basil

8. Bill - Chocolate chip zucchini bread

9. Kathryn - Roasted Chicken

10. Stacy - Stacy's Sweet & Spicy Cheese Spread and Crackers

11. Natalie - Herb Teas

12. Clif - couscous dish

13. Linda - cider (hot or not) & snack mix

14. Michelle - Cookies